Brazing & Soldering  
  A Johnson Matthey Brazepaste or Solderpaste consists of a braze alloy in powder form and where appropriate a flux. These components are held together in a uniform paste by a specially formulated binder system.

The end product is a custom made brazing or soldering solution, which can offer some unique benefits to JM customers.

  Some Features and Benefits Of Brazepasters & Solderpasters:  
  Cost saving  
  Paste provides improved material and quality control and inventory reduction.  
  Paste improves productivity and 'de-skills' the joining process.  
  Paste can be applied as a dot or any shape over the joint. This helps on unusual shaped components  
  Health & Safety  

Handling is reduced because flux is incorporated into the product which is applied from airtight containers and Dispensing Equipment see technical issues.

  How to Use Brazepaste  

The use of Brazepaste requires a slightly different technique to that used in hand torch brazing. The basic principles to joint design with a close capillary gap, degreasing of parent metals, correct heating technique, residue removal & safety requirements always apply. Whilst no particular joint design is excluded from brazing with brazepaste the suitability of a component is dependent on these being a place to deposit the required amount of paste.