Cutters / Ball Nose Cutter  

Our program offers ballnose endmills for HSC contour-milling of hardened steel (>45 HRC), aluminum en graphite. These endmills are standard supply from Ø 2 throughØ 20 mm.

The ballnose endmills for hardened steel are coated with a "Star coating" which makes the tool highly interesting for dry metal removal. "Star coating" is a TiAlN-coating(Titan aluminum nitride) with a lower frictional coefficient that ensures lower cutting pressure. On top of that the geometry in the center area of the endmill has been adjusted so that the cutting ability of the endmill increases with even a relatively low cutting speed.

The ballnose endmills for aluminum applications normally come un-coated For certain sorts of aluminum it is possible to apply the appropriate coating. The cutting face of the aluminum endmills is finished extra smooth in order to avoid sticking. The ballnose endmills for graphite applications generally are coated with a wear-resistant diamond coating.